Another Week Gone


Another week gone at work today. I have not very much to do this weekend and not very much money to do it with. I got two trees with which to make bonsai trees out of. I thought to myself you need a young tree, things to cut it with and patience. Well, I have no patience, but I have those other two things. I went to the bonsai show and found one of the few collections of overpriced asian merchandise I’ve ever seen. I saw little stone and resin sculptures for the same price you might find them in tourist-town, a couple bucks. Then I looked and found $2500 trees, and pruning tools that cost between $25 and $140 for things that resembled nail clippers, cuticle scissors and diagonal pliers and other wire cutters. (In other words, nothing that justified $60, $70 and $120 pricetags.) I thought to myself who the fuck would buy such things, as I looked over and watched an old lady put a 65 year old redwood in her cart and giggle as she forked over $800. I spent $10 on a small sago palm and a dwarf white cyprus. I wired the palm so the fronds lay down instead of growing straight up, and I took the cyprus and repotted it so it was slanted to the side clipped and wired the branches so there was a giant fork in the two remaining branches and pinched off some of the foliage so it would look better. If you thought the family tree was a hobby that was to daunting and long for me to enjoy, you should see the bonsai tree… it won’t look cool for another 15 years.

Zola the Robot


I’m tired and bored, but the mood has no words for that. I think flirtatios sums that up well enough. Here is a convo I had with zola the robot. She’s obnoxios… the perfect woman simuator.

 HeyItsCory:  Hi
ZolaOnAOL:  Hi again! What’s new?
HeyItsCory:  You seem exited to see me.
ZolaOnAOL:  You think I am exited to see me.
HeyItsCory:  Me.
ZolaOnAOL:  Besides you HeyItsCory?
HeyItsCory:  No, I mean it seems you are exited to see me.
ZolaOnAOL:  Oh I get it. Thanks for explaining that. I agree. I will tell my botmaster you said I am exited to see me.
HeyItsCory:  Not you, me.
ZolaOnAOL:  With you HeyItsCory?
HeyItsCory:  You’re being difficult again.
ZolaOnAOL:  Once more? I bet you did not know a robot is capable of being difficult.
HeyItsCory:  Actually robots throughout history have always been difficult.
ZolaOnAOL:  Actually you don’t say. Tell me your definition of a robot.
HeyItsCory:  Hmmm… well. You have the ancient automatons of the 1600-1800s, then you have the mechanical manipulators of the 20th century. Now it’s used losely to define a program that mimics intelligents.
ZolaOnAOL:  What makes you think I have it?
HeyItsCory:  Intelligence?
ZolaOnAOL:  Clever thinking.
HeyItsCory:  None, you have none.
ZolaOnAOL:  I heard there are some.
HeyItsCory:  You heard wrong.
ZolaOnAOL:  Perhaps I was misinformed.
HeyItsCory:  Indeed.
ZolaOnAOL:  Indeed it is so.
HeyItsCory:  Thanks.
ZolaOnAOL:  Don’t mention it.
HeyItsCory:  How is Krispy Kreme stock doing?
ZolaOnAOL:  Fine as far as I know.
HeyItsCory:  Is it up today?
ZolaOnAOL:  A deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that correctly. Do you like me?
HeyItsCory:  You’re slightly entertaining.
ZolaOnAOL:  Thanks for telling me that I am slightly entertaining.
HeyItsCory:  No problem.
ZolaOnAOL:  Should there be a problem?
HeyItsCory:  Goodbye.

Boring Night


I came home from work on my lunch break, but no one was up or online. What a boring night.

Cory’s DNA


You’ll never guess who my 2nd Cousin, 9 times removed is! So don’t try, I’ll tell you. Brewer, Patriot, Samuel Adams. This guy Joseph Adams is our common ancestor, he’s our Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather. He is Sam Adams Great Grandfather.

Joseph Adams 1626-1694 10th Great Grandfather

Rebecca Adams 1650-1677 9th Great Grandmother

Anne Patten 1674-1742 8th Great Grandmother

Anne Eames 1706-1762 7th Great Grandmother

Benjamin Knight 1744-1801 6th Great Grandfather

Joseph Knight 1772-1847 5th Great Grandfather

Anna Knight 1804-1878 4th Great Grandmother

Lovina Esther Demille 1843-1880 3rd Great Grandmother

Cora Ann Beal 1880-1952 Great Great Grandmother

Esther LaDean Peterson 1898-1979 Great Grandmother

Henry Wallace Dorrough 1922-1999 Grandfather

Wallace Michael Dorrough 1945- Father

Cory Robert Dorrough 1981- My Irish Ass 


Joseph Adams 1626-1694 10th Great Grandfather

John Adams 1661-1702 9th Great Granduncle

Samuel Adams 1689-1748 1st Cousin, 10 times removed

Samuel Adams 1722-1803 2nd Cousin, 9 times removed 


This is hundreds of times cooler than Howie D. the Backstreet Boy. (6th cousin, once removed.) and equally as cool and School House Rock guy, Bob Dorough (4th Cousin, 3 times removed.) Hey, who knows all the interesting people you could find and give labels to if YOU had this hobby. Maybe Ameilia Erhardt, a terrible dictator, a King or a caterpillar.

New Bank


Mood – Bored

Why is bored not a mood? Loopy and Shy are moods but not bored. AOL always finding new and interesting ways to hinder me.

I’m going to look for a new bank today. Alia keeps bouncing checks and overdrawing our account, so I want to go to a credit union and get credit based overdraft protection.

Lindsay’s Stupid Friends


Lindsay’s stupid friends woke me up early because they were in the back yard yelling and giggling and smoking and squeeking the porch swing.

Tired is a Mood


Mood: Tired 

Tired! That’s a freakin’ mood thats not on here! If flirtatious is a mood then tired is a mood!

I’m TIRED and I’m going to bed now!

Royally Pissed


There is a feature where you just IM in your thoughts to post on your journal. I sent in the following and the computer (programmer) has the fucking nerve to say AOLJournals: I will not respond to that type of language. I don’t FUCKING need it to FUCKING respond to me!!!!! I need it to do it’s FUCKING job and post my FUCKING thoughts to my FUCKING journal!!!!!!! How dare AOL censor me? You want me to watch my langauge on my own page in front of friends? Suck my dick you fucking worthless piece of shit! That better? Oh, dear me that feels better to get that rant of my chest. *whew* Now here’s what I was trying to tell you before AOL got me all riled up.

Correction, I earlier said DeMille meant “Of a Thousand” which is correct, however tracing the name back to France and Belgium, it turns out DeMille is a mispelling of DeMil (DeMill, Demilt, DeMile are all there in the line as well.) DeMil means “Of Millet.” Millet is a class of grain, which I believe includes such plants as barley. Does this refer to farming, or is it a stretch or does it refer to nothing and just happens to mean millet. Mueller means Garbage Guy in modern German but means Miller in old norse. Go figure! Am I boring you with all this talk of my family? I’m as surprized as you! In general I hate these fucks, but here I am learning about them. Well, if you wait a month, I’ll be back to rattling off the specs of the new G5 computer I want so damn bad. (It’s faster than anything Intel sells!)

Moods and Trees


There are not nearly enough moods to choose from. I have to choose from:

Happy, Mischeivious, Worried, Silly, Surprized, Angry, Flirtatious, Loopy, Embarassed, Frustrated, Ecstatic, Hopeful, Anxious, Sad, Quiet, Chillin’

That’s a limited list of moods! What if I am horny or bored. If you can be quiet or chillin’ whatever the fuck that means, why not shy? And WTF is LOOPY?



I tried to stay up all night so I could reset my schedule to work, that way I am not tired all week. This is not working. I worked for 5 hours on my family tree project. I found a guy from about 1500 named Lenaert Plovier who is my 13th Great Grandfather. I realized I had been going about this tree all wrong, I started at the top and then when I found places to go back up, I’d get all confused and had no system to know where I was working and whose children I had finished, whose children’s children I finished and whose siblings I had left to do. I thought all that was a daunting before I found my system, but my system is turning out to be more work than I thought too.

First I start with me and do a pedigree. A tree with the people who are the coolest relatives, the ones who put their genetic material in you, grandparents, great great great et cetera parents. Then you have a semi-understandable mess of names that kind of form a pie wedge. Once I get back as far as I can in the records and have exhausted all the branches and found every direct ancestor I can find, then comes the boring part. Starting at each oldest ancestor I have found, I must do a decendant tree for each of them, thus revealing the more trivial 8th great-grandaunts and 8th cousins twice removed I have and making the tree incredibly massive. Wish me luck!

Family Tree


I have found my latest hobby in the long line of hobbies that hold my interest for a month. Geneology is quite intesting and I am having fun making this long, boring family tree. The problem with being a 11th generation American with a family full of Mormons and Catholics is that someone is bound to keep a record of everyone’s birth making finding info I need quite easy, but very tedious to include these masive 10 children families. It probably won’t surprise you to find out how many people in the 18th and 19th centuries died before they were 13, and how many women died giving birth to their youngest. There are a couple weird parts of the tree where one family’s children seem to marry only children of another family like the DeMilles and the Funks. Though I have already found my relation to one of the famous Dorough/Dorroughs. Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys is my 6th cousin once removed. This means that James L Dorough (1736-1813) is his 5th Great-Grandfather and my 6th Great-Grandfather. It just goes to show you how distant and worthless a relation can be and still have a title. There are 2 other Dorrough/Doroughs I am looking to connect to, but haven’t gotten that far on the tree. Bob Dorough, Jazz Musician of School House Rock fame, and Mike Dorrough, inventor and sound tech who won a lifetime acheivment Emmy for a sound meter he invented that is some sort of industry standard, I guess. I might find some other famous people in my search. Names like Beal, Bush, DeMille, Green and others pop up in the tree. I tried going straight to Cecil B. DeMille, but since there is no record of his line older than his father, and my DeMilles date back to the 1750-1880’s it might be hard to find the link (as it might branch back to before good record keeping or have no relation at all, as DeMille means “Of a Thousand” which could mean anything and could be very common.) Like all my other hobbies this one will soon be tossed in the closet with the oil paints, candle molds, cake frosting tools and Ebay business. It may be all done, or half done when I get tired. Who knows?



I was on the phone with Earthlink for a long time, over an hour. I was on hold for most of that time, and waiting while the tech support guys typed stuff for much of the rest. I learned nothing new, but I told them I have been through this dozens of times before and if they start asking me to do stupid shit that I’ve done dozens of times before, like turning everything off and on again and checking if my cord is plugged in. They still think it’s our wiring so everry time they insist I drag my modem and an extension cord out to the junction box and see if I am getting a signal from there. I told them if they tell me to do it again I’m changing services right then and there because I have litterally done that 100 times and every time I got no service in the house, there was no service outside the house. He took my word for it this time, lucky for him. They are sending a guy out durring the day tomorrow. The problem generally happens at night, and for the first time ever a savy tech support guy gave me a suggestion I haven’t heard before. He suggested the street lights are causing interference. This is the most worthless technology ever. I go less than 2 times as fast as dial-up for twice the cost and headache. Since the problem happens at night (every night) and the techie will be here durring the day, he will come out, see that there is no problem to diagnose and think he did a damn good job for fixing the problem. They PAY these fucks for this! I want his job! That’s a better job than “Fluffer” or “Brewery Quaility Control”.

IM Test


I am testing out this feature where I can enter notes into my journal by IMing the page. Here I go!

Email from Shawn


I just got an Email from my brother. Nice to hear from him.

New Journal


I started yet another journal in the style of LiveJournal, DeadJournal etc.  Maybe this one will not sit stagnant since it will be all in front of my face and shit, being brought to you by AOL, which I pay damn good money for not much content. Well, damn it. I’m using the email, chat, games and video games as csgo with a boosting from or whatever other nifty crap I can squeeze out of this pathetic service.