I bleached my hair last night and sprayed it orange this morning and went to the store to loiter and show off my Fry costume. I had a good time, and halloween isn’t even close to over! I love Halloween!



I let Megan borrow my computer, she goes to porn sites, opens emails promising naked Anna Kornikova and clicks on message boxes without reading them… I wind up with adware and viruses on my computer. I just reformatted that computer after spending 7 hours fighting 47 distinct adware programs and no less than 8 viruses and then giving up when I couldn’t hand remove a pesky adware virus. (I offended it by trying to hand remove registry keys. It MESSED my computer up.) Now I have to be a jerk and say she can’t borrow my computer.

She came to my house and used my computer again. Now I have something called “Incredifind” on my computer. Norton and Spybot can see it but can’t delete it. Ad-ware cannot see it. I cannot hand delete two DLL files. Any advice? It’s one of those browser hijackers that replaces your default 404 page. There is also something called “Binet”, which may or may not be related, but it’s the same story with it being undeletable. There needs to be a program that allows you to delete files, even when “Windows is using them” because it’s so frustrating to have a file you know is malicious right on the screen and not being able to kill it.

A Damn Good Drink


6 oz. chilled Oregon Chai concentrate 6 oz. cold 2% Milk 2 oz. Cheap Scotch Mix lightly in a tall glass and enjoy I’ve had 6 of these tonight, but only to perfect the recipe for your enjoyment.

21st Century Insurance


Just got mail from the insurance company. They’ve spent more money on storage and rental cars than the car is worth. Nuts to them. :)

Megan is Boring


I wish Megan would be more fun. She said she wanted to get plastered, but now she’s just sitting on the computer looking a cat furniture on ebay.

Still No Money


I have not heard from the the best things about plus500 as to how much I’ll be getting, but I’m not going to bitch. Their words: “We’ll pay for your rental car until we give you your settlement. After that you’re on your own.”

The customer must disclose the bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval, and then the bank sets the interest rate based on the purpose of the loan.


I love my rental car!

Rental Car


I called the guy’s insurance company at noon and left a message. She called me back and asked if I wanted to pick my own repair place. I said that she probably didn’t want to pay for the repairs to make it drivable. “Oh” she said. She said someone would be at the tow yard and I could have $24.99 per day for a rental car until they cut me a check. I went to enterprize hoping for a Mustang or at least a Focus. All they had their for my price was a Toyota Echo and a VW Jetta. Oh, you KNOW I took the Jetta. Zooooooooom!


Now I’m on of those people who puts quiz answers in my blog.

 You are .inf You are informative.  When you are gone you make life very difficult for others.
Which File Extension are You?

Wasted Day


I slept all day because Megan called me 3 times, realized I was sleeping and didn’t say what she wanted and didn’t come over. Each time I stayed up for 2 or 3 hours and slept for 6 or 7 more. This started at 2 AM… then again at 1PM… now at 7:30…

I better get some friend time and dinner out of this. After all the bitching about her boyfriend I hate, she owes me mozzerella sticks.

Insurance and an Interview


I had an interview at a paratransit agency today. I’d be driving around anyone who couldn’t get to a bus stop, so the elderly and handicapped. I think I did well. Before that interview the guy’s insurance company called and said the needed me to call the tow yard and give them permission to pick up the car. I think moving storage units and towing has offically cost more than the car is worth, so I don’t know why the insurance company is taking so long. It’s like they don’t like money. For more moving storage services, visit movers cincinnati oh

I Nearly Died


So I’m driving down the road and I see an SUV to my right stop at his stop sign so I maintain speed to go through the intersection. The guy pulls out into the intersection and smashes in the front end of my car. He took blame and appologised profusely and he was really nice, so I’m not mad, but I’m not sure what to do next. The cop came, had us fill out forms and trade info and filled out a report, and my car got towed. The SUV guy gave me a ride home, I’m not sure where my car is now and I’m down one vehicle in a two vehicle relationship.

He immediately busted out with a fat mea culpa, so I was so relieved that I hadn’t missed a stop sign, I almost enjoyed this experience.

On a different note: Will Kirchanski is awesome. Ask him why.

The Tooth is a Bitch


I had a hole in my tooth… not just a cavity where it’s a soft spot… I had a freakin hole. Right in my lower right canine in the front near the gumline. It had been an abrasion for months, but wasn’t noticed as a hole until a few weeks ago. I’m really afraid of going to dentists, since I was little I hated going to the childrens dentist until I went to my dentist in Midtown Atlanta. I don’t have dental insurance. I wasn’t going to wait until it fell out or started hurting so I called a dental school, they told me it would be several trips from Santa Rosa to San Francisco, with no guaruntee I’d get in and no price quotes over the phone. Where I live I know where is the best orthodontist near me but I needed a different kind of dentist for my problem so I called 1-800-DENTIST and they were pretty helpful, but the dentist they matched me with was the best I ever had. I got an appointment the next morning and paid only $224 for the friendliest dentist and coolest staff to take care of me in less than an hour. My tooth looks and feels great and as soon as I get insurance, they are my new dental place. I don’t know if I just got lucky or what, but I am jazzed about that dentist.

Long Night



It’s been a long night, but I have gotten as far on the site as I had planned and now it’s time for bed. The only feature I have left before the site is complete is News and Stuff, then after that, things like the webcam and photo gallery will be bonuses that may be put up later. I wish people read this, but in a way it’s comforting that no one comes to this site. I can say whatever the fuck I want and no one will read it.

“I use moisty wipes on my tushie.”

And if someone DOES read that, I defy you to wipe with a baby wipe and feel clean with the dry stuff again. I mean, here’s an experiment. Smear some peanut butter on the counter in two different spots, wipe one spot with a dry paper towel and one with a wet paper towel. Tell me which one still smells like peanut butter.

Back a Bloggin’


So I lost my job a week ago. I worked at a mental health treatment home for teens. The fired me because I wasn’t learning the job fast enough, but when I asked what they would do in my place to control this one kid, they couldn’t give me an answer. The job was driving me crazy and since I didn’t do anything wrong really, I am eligable for unemployment pay. Woo hoo! I’m taking these couple weeks while I find a new job to update my website, clean my house and otherwise get my life in order.

I bought www.itscory.com, there is 4 pints of the world’s best gelatto in the freezer and my house is clean. For a guy who wishes he could hide in a cave for the rest of his life, I’m pretty happy.