Photo of Pasta Fork Sold on Ebay

Requiem for a Crustacean.


Yesterday I noticed my pet crawdad was turning blue and ready to shed his skin. This morning, my girlfriend saw the molted skin and was a little bummed that the crawdad had died, then I told her he just molted and is perfectly fine over h… ”

The fish were eatting his carcas. He’d died. Possibly of shedding complications, possibly because when they shed they’re vulnerable. I dunno, but it’s a little sad. He clouded up the tank.

Zoidberg, the crawdad, whom Alia and I raised since his mother, with a clutch of babies on her tail, was moved to the outdoor pond and left behind several larval crawdads in the frog tank, of whom only one survived, who grew into a large healthy crawdad is dead at the age of 2. He is survived by his tank mates, 3 rana frogs, a rosy minnow, several snails, 2 bluegills and a crappy and also his owners Alia Iserman and Cory Dorrough. Zoidberg the Crawdad will be missed.

Time to get a new crawdad.



Photo of Spoon Sold on Ebay



AOL Blog is No More


If you’re checking this Blog, you’re going to wait a long time before it sees any updating. I liked the features of Blogger.com and have turned to them for my online journalling needs.




Black Friday


I brought chairs, a stereo, a thermos of coffee and a good friend and went to Circuit City at 4am. We were the second group of people in line. The Circuit City folks gave us free donuts and juice. It was very nice. 5:45 I put our stuff in the car and asked an employee where I would find the stuff I needed.

Megan went for the $5 DVDs, and I grabbed for myself $15 2.1 speakers, a 16X DVD+/-R burner for $70 and 2 hundred packs of free CD-Rs. I’m selling 2 250GB Hard Drives that I got for $80 for about $130 each on Ebay, as well as 2 $17 DVD players and perhaps a $70 100 watt surround sound system. If I’m doing well at Christmas time, I may give it to Alia.

Alia’s mothers currently pay an insane amount of money for Comcast, so I am going to buy them a DirecTV system, and it comes with a TV after rebate. All free, but very thoughtful. (They’ll love it a lot, and wouldn’t approve of such excess on their behalf if it weren’t so cheap for us.)Oh, the lines were insane but the people were tame. Quite a relief. A lot of really slooooow cashiers. I had what I needed at 6:10 and wasn’t out of there until 7:45.

Now I have a lot of crap to fill out and mail for my rebates… and a lot of crap to sell on Ebay.







I thought I was done with the scanner art but my kitten was sitting on the glass so I hit the scan button. A five legged kitten was a pleasant artistic surprize.

Job Hunt


I ran out of Resumes so I went to Kinkos and spend 11 bucks on 25 more. I dropped off a few today and I hope to have a nice part time job that doesn’t mind working with a college student soon.

I start at Carlton Cards 12-20 hours a week at the beginning of December. This plan is starting nicely.



Scanners are cameras too.

The college thing is a lot of work


I have a lot of classes to go, but I have a surprizing amount finished too. I will have an AA in 18 months or less. Then I can spend 7 years at a university figuring out what I want to do. Triple Major… Masters in PE… Doctor of Communications.

He He… I made myself laugh.



No one ever comments.


I think it’s because no one ever reads this crap.

Fridge Bearer


Alia’s mother, Honey, bought a new fridge because the freezer compartment of her old one is not large enough for her needs. She offered us her old one, but I have no room in my house for it. I suppose I could use it for a towel closet, but I came up with a better idea. Alia’s dad, Richard, is renting a fridge, because his current one isn’t getting cold. I asked him if he would hold on to ours if he could use it until he got around to fixing the broken one or buying a new one, or until we moved into a place with no fridge and needed it. He agreed and we picked up the fridge from Honey’s house and delivered it to Richard’s house. It was a lot of work, but in a few years it will have saved me several hundred bucks on a new fridge.

Woo hoo!






Good Enough Diploma


I just finished the last of my GED tests. I’ll be posting my awesome scores in 3 weeks or less. I can’t believe I feel this jazzed about dropping out of high school.

The test was cake… I wish I’d taken it when I was 11. The Writing/Composition section would have given me trouble back then, but I would have passed.

I’m done failing.


Life is pretty crappy. Since I lost my job I’m worried about my rent and bills.

Fuck failing. Fuck it. I’m done failing. I’m doing something about my rut.

I’m using my job loss as an opportunity. Having a full time job is kept me from suceeding at school, so now I don’t have one. I am going to find all the scholarships, grants and fee waivers I can get my hands on so I don’t have to work very much while I go to school. If I can’t find enough of those, I’ll try to get loans, but I’d prefer as little debt as possible. I figure about $3000 will cover school and books, and if I qualify for the fee waiver, that should be cut in half. On top of that I’ll need $8000 a year and a part time job in order to make ends meet. I am going back to school and I don’t care if I have to rob a gas station to do it. I’m going to take 5-7 classes a semester until I am done, and that will leave just enough time for a crappy fast food job or whatever (anything without responsibility) to fill any finacial gaps left from loans and scholarships.

I saw my counselor, I got a longterm education plan, I know what I need to do and I’m going to fucking do it.

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