I’m taking advantage of Sonoma State’s 24 hour computer lab for quiet study. I’m not allowed to be here, but the studying is good. Acclimating to a Mac OS and keyboard is a little annoy. Looks good though.

Okay… back to Child Development homework.

Sorry Megan


I’m sorry, I was just cranky from NO SLEEP. I enjoy your company even when you’re difficult and I always look forward to your visits even when they run long and you won’t get the hell out. You’re my pal and I love you like a prison bitch.

Megan and Joey… dual pains on each of my asses.


Well, not Joey so much. Megan stayed at my house until 5AM making me help her with taxes and unemployment forms. Joey was less effort on my part. (i.e. Only one W2 and a basic grasp of math and English) They just wouldn’t be done and leave.

I should start charging. $15 and I’ll do your 1040 and an extra $10 will buy you a state return.

At least I’m done with my taxes… I’m getting $1212 from the two refunds.



If I got all the jewish people I know to carry candy in their pockets and give it out to everyone they meet then to use “jew” as a verb would be a nice thing. “Can you Jew me a pencil?” or “Mind if I Jew you a drink?”