Whistle After Work


I’m happy, yesterday I could’ve sat around on the internet, but I found the motivation not to. I took down the Xmas lights, I cleaned up the kitchen a little, I worked on the new car so Alia could finally show it off at work, I ran some errands and I even went to the park to enjoy the frog pond. It was a good day. I hope I’m this productive all Spring Break.

This Sucks


I’m unmotivated again. After all my exams were over I stopped studying, cleaning or pretty much doing anything other than sleeping and going to work. If I don’t want my lump of 5 tests to feel like the last lump did. It was hard and depressing on both me and Alia beating myself up before each exam, and now I’m setting myself up to do it again.

Anyone got a good cure for depression?

Got Paid Today


I’m not sure I can live on $250 every two weeks. Going to school is scary.



8 exams in 6 classes over 3 weeks. What a pain in the ass.

I’m close to the end of them all and as far as I know I have A’s in every class (with the possible exception of History with a B.)

School is hard. It was better when I didn’t care about grades or showing up.