I’m upset about my Job.


This is a long ranty post with far more details that you care about.

So I’m at work an hour early for a team meeting. It ends early because the team lead is gone. I’m walking the grounds watching kids for a while and a worried Dan comes and asks for my help. Seems Esther, the girls’ program team lead asked him for the van and he can’t find the binder with the keys in it.

I’m always happy to help. I look in all the standard places and a few non-standard places, and I say to Dan, “I know this sounds stupid, but could you check the seats of the van, maybe on the floor of it. I dunno, it wouldn’t surprize me.” No dice.

I start investigating who had the van last, so I could ask where they stuck the binder. Turns out the last person to drive the van that anybody knew was Jim. I ask Jim where he left the binder. He says “Yeah, I drove the van but it’s AT the girls’ program now. They have it.” I tell him that we have a van here, and it’s not at the girls program and he seems surprized by that. He says “I guess one of the Girls’ staff brought it back.”

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. I just need to call the girls’ program and ask who dropped it off and what odd place she stuck the binder.

I call the girls’ program. No answer.

I call Alia’s cell. She starts off with “I’m in a meeting, I can’t talk.” but I cut her off and say, I need Esther. She asks why. I explain about the van, and Alia tries to relay all of the information, but gets frustrated and says, “Call the main phone and talk to Esther yourself.” “I did, you guys didn’t answer.” I reply.

I call the program phone again and Esther answers. I try to convey the story. She says “No. No one dropped off the van here. You guys have it. Find the keys.” She fucking hangs up on me! I dial again. I said I knew that we had a van but that one of the girl’s staff had dropped it off back over here after Jim delivered it there. She said “I’m so fucking confused. None of the girls’ staff drove the van, the van isn’t here. We’re busy.” I know that, I’m just trying to figure out who to ask where the keys are. I don’t think Jim would lie to me.” “Well, obviously he did.” she snarled.

Loosing my patience I told her I’m only trying to help and asked how bad does she want my help. She yelled “We don’t have the van, we don’t have the keys. You have the keys! You find them and you bring over the damn van and don’t call me again until you do!”

It turns out they’re most likely locked in a building that no on duty staff could get into. Well, that’s beside the point, says a fellow boys’ staff.

I called Alia (my girlfriend and night staff on the same shift as me) to have her ask Esther for the keys to said building. Then I tell her to say that it wasn’t very nice or professional to talk to me like that, that I understand the hard days R-House can deal, but that’s no excuse to hurt my feelings. She said she wouldn’t “fight my battles for me.”

I’m sad about my work, but I’m more sad that Alia didn’t have my back. I certainly would and in the past have done the same for her when she was mistreated by a superior.

It’s been a while… again.


It’s Father’s Day.

I have an hour between jobs and I’m wasting it on the Internet. I’m hungry but I don’t have time for food before work. I want Pepe’s Lengua Tacos, right now.

I’m off to work. This is hard. This whole life thing. Keeping myself happy with stuff.

Today makes me happy I don’t have my own child to take care of. What a horrible father I’d be.