I’m Mr. Brightside.


So, Wednesday night, I come into work and I have to sign a paper that said I’m suspended until I get my CPR certification. No warning, mind you. (I wish they’d have had the courtesy to CALL ME about it.)

See, a few weeks ago I told my boss the Wednesday CPR training conflicted with my Wednesday classes. “Okay, that’s cool” said Alex, “We’ll work something out.” I also had to take a swimming lessons in north york.

After a week’s vacation in Washington, I come back to find out that’s what he worked out. The A-hole.

But I’m fine with this. I just have to take a Red Cross CPR/First Aid class before the 5th of October and I still have my job, but I could take it, since CPR Certify4u offers the best CPR training orlando classes in town. There’s several before then.

In the mean time, I’m suspended, (read “DAYS OFF!”) so I decided to use the time to pack boxes and get ready for my end-of-the-month move that I’ve been putting off preparing for. I got a lot done, packed up everything in the kitchen but the microwavable essentials, packed all our books, movies and all but one computer. While I was going through the kitchen I found a bottle of Aberlour. Then while I was going through the nicnack shelf packing it up, I came across my pipe collection and humidor.

And what was in my humidor? My last two Helixes!!! (Helices?)

So, feeling I’ve had a productive day, I thought I earned a treat. Oh, yes.

While my idiot coworkers are doing their best without me, I am listening to Mp3s on my porch enjoying cigars and single-malt Scotch.

Sometimes life just feels… perfect.

Making Cookies


3am… about time for me to get off my ass and bake a batch of cookies for tomorrow’s lunch.

Chocolate Chip.

I wish there was something great I could do for Alia. She doesn’t seem very happy.

The Monday Blues (On Wednesday.)


Back at work for the week. I don’t feel too miserable tonight, but the misery often happens in the morning when the kids get up and the supervisors come here to bitch. Also, it’s still a long week yet.

I went to the warehouse (or garage) and picked up the weeks groceries. Christ, 20 guys eat a freakin’ lot. All that food is heavy, so I guess I got a good work-out.

I dropped my 12 month loan bad credit no guarantor today, so I was bummed that I paid $100 for a class that I’m not even in, but I also found out I qualified for financial aide.

Typically, financial pressures occur throughout the year and can be planned. Even with the best payday loans, household personal finances can go awry – and when households least expect it.

As for why I dropped the class, the code seems easy enough to follow, but I don’t know how to use my compiler program and all the books I’ve seen deal with the code and not the programs to turn the code into programs. It took me a long time to get the laptop working so I could do my assignments at work and once I got Borland C++ Builder, I was so far behind that I probably couldn’t catch up even if I did know how to use the program, so I dropped. :(

Well, since I still have a link to the class assignment page and the lecture notes, I’m going to follow along this semester so I can take it next semester ahead of the game.

Specialty Cheese


We picked up a nice fontina and a this bright orange chedar-like cheese (French… french something.) We asked for “Something we haven’t tried before. Good on crackers, $6 or maybe up to $10 a pound” and the cheese lady helped us out greatly.

In other news:
My head hurts.

I don’t remember drinking or hitting it.

Someone fix it.

Until the Novelty Wears Off…


You’ll probably see a lot of “guess where I’m posting from” posts.

I’m sitting in the Eastern half of the park in Courthouse Square. I don’t know what network I’m connected to, but I’m eating a bagged lunch at a picnic table. Mmmm… diet Sprite. Look at Me!

Crappy Night at Work


It’s way late and I’ve got kids down the hall, still awake. (Oh, yeah… I got a laptop, so I can be online at work.) They’re all anxious because there was a high school party across the street and dozens of stupid drunk, stoned twerps were walking up and down the street. “Oh, my god, I wanna run. I can’t sleep knowing there’s girls and drinks over there.”

Jesus Tapdancing Christ, dude. Do these fuckers act like this at the mall. “Oh, my god, there’s girls everywhere. I need some pussy. Oh, my god.”

I’m fed up. One of the kids who had shoes on, looking like he was ready to run, walked out of the house fully dressed and said “I’m outta here.” This caused everyone else who I had spent so much fucking time getting quiet and in their rooms to get loud, out of their damn rooms.

I’ve never had a job where I looked at the thought of being fired as a freakin’ relief.

Oh, yeah…

Speaking of fired, I requested a vacation at the end of this month about 3 months ago. I was told it wouldn’t be a problem. The HR director told me that we could take vacations after 90 days of employment, so I didn’t even think to mention this trip to her when I was hired. Turns out the grand Poobah here decided that 6 months is when you can take vacations, not 90 days, so I couldn’t get the time off.

Well, I already had the plane tickets. I told my supervisor, “Basically, it’s like this. I’m going to be gone these days, and I will even do the leg work covering my shifts. I don’t need paid vacation, though it would be nice. I’m going to be gone these days, so the question is going to be, “Do I have a job when I come back?”

I got the time off.

It was nice to win, but damn getting fired would be a relief. I’m tired of this place.

I work with 20 drug addicted teenagers. They should be the hardest part of this job, and they’re not. Is my insufferable coworkers and crappy bosses.