I found her.


It’s been a long time looking but I finally found Megan’s current address.

For those at home who need to catch up:
-Megan is a friend I met online.
-She moved to California from Texas, to my town.
-The person she moved in with almost immediately fucked her over.
-Cory’s hero complex strikes again.
-Cory moves into the apartment she can’t afford.
-Cory and Alia pay Megan $750 for half of the rights to the deposit, which she said was $1500.
-Cory and Alia and Megan don’t live well together.
-Megan needs silence. Cory and Alia need it not to smell like cat pee.
-Megan moves out.
-Cory gets tired of getting hit with Megan’s emotional shrapel from her bad decisions.
-Cory decides he’s not helping Megan with anything anymore.
-Cory says a few cruel things. Cory generally can’t talk to Megan without becoming annoyed and mean.
-Megan now hates Cory and stops talking to him.
-Alia and Cory buy the rest of the deposit from Megan for another $750 for a total of $1500.
-Many months later I find out from the landlord Megan only paid $1000 for the deposit.

SO… I have paid $1500 for a $1000 worth of deposit.

-Cory tries to contact Megan again to ask “WTF, man?”
-Megan says it’s the landlords mistake and she’ll help him get the money.
-Megan keeps blowing Cory off and never helps get the money.
-Cory comes over to Megan’s house with free Adult DVDs as a guesture of friendship for her and her dude-friend.
-Megan has cleared out of that apartment and her old number is disconnected.
-Cory asks a few friends to mediate but Megan refuses to give me her contact info.
-Cory sends the message that in order to solve this amicably she only had to keep in touch and work out a payment plan. $50 a month for 10 months or whatever.
-Megan refuses to do this and says “I’m going to get a PO Box soon” and she’ll “give me her address when she gets it.
-Soon is not a comforting word to Cory.
-After months of googling, asking friends and paying for people-search databases etc. I found a current address. I will send her a registered letter telling her to work out a payment plan and pay me or I will take her to court, which I couldn’t do before, but can now that I have her address.

The last part was hard because Megan is kind of lazy. She is still registered to vote at 2 addresses ago and she still has expired Texas plates on her car from when she moved here two years ago.

If she hates me so much, then why have this financial tie to me? Does she think a rich guy like me won’t miss $500 and will forget? Perhaps she thinks “I just don’t have it” is a proper excuse.

I sure hope she reads my journal.

Christmas Vacation


My work let me go yesterday. I came in on my day off in the middle of the night to bake cookies in their industrial kitchen and hang out with the other side of the week’s staff.

They didn’t like that.

So I get ALL they days off for Christmas!!!

This is a good thing though. I’m taking 22 units this Spring semester. A nice calm video store job would be just the thing for my school schedule. Bradley Video may have gone out of business, but some guy named Bob bought up his assets so I may have to see if Bob would like a video store veteran to help him out.