Google of Fortune


Go to google and ask it your fortune…

Type the following phrases and see what comes up. Use your own first name and put everything in quotes.

“Cory looks like” a football.
“Cory will” always be in my thoughts and prayers as will his family.
“Cory fell in love with” Janet the moment he saw her.
“Cory loves” his girl but wants to boff others.
“Cory can” do the selling and I’ll have the license….the business license.
“Cory can’t” take credit for this — it’s actually his girlfriend who cuts and dyes his hair for him, using straight-up peroxide.
“Cory hates” them apparently, and that’s how some people really have seen his [member] on the Intenet.
“Cory died” 25th November, 1792, aged 26 years.



In an email today:

Hi Cory,

Congratulations! Your online donor application for The Sperm Bank of California has been accepted!

Please call me at 510-841-1858 to review your application and set up an initial appointment. If I’m not in my office, please leave a message (make sure to leave me your first and last name).

If you haven’t already read the information page for donors on our website, I encourage you to do so. It can answer a lot of questions you might have about our donor program. Please take a look at it!