Cory Hill 4: The Restroom


It’s a good habit to lock doors behind you, I learned from working at a drug rehab. Whenever you exit a room you should lock the knob as you close it, then check it to see that it latched.

Now, I’m at work. I’m stuck in the hallway that leads to the bathroom. No one is in my office to rescue me and my neighbor isn’t at work either.


I locked the hall door behind me, the bathroom window won’t open and I didn’t have my phone or keys. Just this laptop and an hour’s worth of battery.

I IMed two friends and told one to call Alia’s cell trying to wake her up while I told the other my story and said if Alia doesn’t wake up, he might have to come to my work and open my door. Between that and my IMing Alia’s phone, she got on AIM and I told her my dumb story. She said how pissed she was that she had to help me. (Just what I need.)

Now I’m waiting for her to rescue me while I type this blog and listen to Air America Radio online.


I’m really not living up to the title of this blog, am I?


On the Heart


The Heart is nothing more than muscle and metaphor.

If you’re listening to it, it had damn well better be telling you you’re having a heart attack.

It’s no better suited to make decissions for you than your penis or stomach. Stick to the brain.

Guess Where I’m Posting From


I’m at work. I now have a place to wake up and go to in the morning. The office is nicely set up and the best thing is I’m catching a wild wireless signal so I don’t have to move my phone line and DSL over here until late June and I can have internet access in both places. Now I can get lots of work done.

Passing Fancy


I was really worried about my math grade, particularly the final, but I found out I got a C. It was actually a C- and on the sheet posted on his door, I was the only grade that included a minus, which kind of makes me think it was an act of charity on his part.

The final was the only thing in the class graded on a curve. Apparently Alia set the curve because she got the only A in the class. I’m glad he only put the last 4 digits of our SSNs because looking at that grade sheet, there are a few B’s, some C’s and a lot of D’s on that sheet that are REALLY pissed at xxx-xx-1487.

So I’m smiling at my semester of passing grades today, but I’m also smiling because that 5 unit A puts her GPA above 3.0 and she is recieving her associates degree tomorrow.

Dream Girl


She’s cute, she’s intelligent, she’s got red hair and she can weld.

Keri Byron, you can bust my myth any day. 

I Need Shelves


There’s so much stock at the shop. Now that it’s all in one big open space and is getting close to being organized, I can forsee actually making money in the near future.

My problem is all this crap is on the floor. The monitors are in a nice stack. The printers are in one area. The DSL modems are in their own place. There is a spot for Macintoshes. Scanners are together.

I just need shelves to put this stuff on. I could have more stuff if there was shelving.

I Made The Paper. (Well, A Paper.)


I thought the press release idea was kind of silly, but one of the media outlets I faxed it to actually printed it.

I wish they had’ve called me first. I heard about it from a customer today. If they’d called me they could’ve edited a few facts:

The recycling act went into effect “last month” about 3 months ago and my phone number is 707-LAPTOPS, but not 707-526-8677 which spells LAMTOPS. :)



A wise person told me that should is a superflous word. As much as I argued that there has to be a lot of words for slightly different ideas in order to effectively communicate, she made a very good point.

“Should” is just a word between “Can” and “Will” that doesn’t do anyone any good because you can always get from “Can” to “Will” without ever needing “Should” and you can certainly get from “Will” to “Am” to “Did” without ever having to mention “Should.”

Mr. Rogers is Awesome


Today I found a TiVo suggestion for Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I’m not sure how TiVo got it into it’s linuxy brain to give me it, but it did, so I watched. Mr. Rogers had an idea to make a rainbow by shining a flashlight through a mist of water he made with a spray bottle. It didn’t work.

I really liked that he did this. Most kids shows would have this experiment all planned out ahead of time and wouldn’t think of doing something that didn’t work. But Mr. Rogers knew that kids seeing him being curious and trying something neat even though we scientists know he knew ahead of time it wouldn’t work. Kids see that sometimes adults don’t get things to go their way either.

He also acted very disappointed that his experiment didn’t work.
And then he sang this song:

What do you do with the mad that you feel
When you feel so mad you could bite?
When the whole wide world seems oh, so wrong…
And nothing you do seems very right?

What do you do? Do you punch a bag?
Do you pound some clay or some dough?
Do you round up friends for a game of tag?
Or see how fast you go?

It’s great to be able to stop
When you’ve planned a thing that’s wrong,
And be able to do something else instead
And think this song:

I can stop when I want to
Can stop when I wish.
I can stop, stop, stop any time.
And what a good feeling to feel like this
And know that the feeling is really mine.
Know that there’s something deep inside
That helps us become what we can.
For a girl can be someday a woman
And a boy can be someday a man

Mr. Rogers is awesome. Fuck The Wiggles. Not every kid has ADD, no matter what the pharmaceutical companies say. Why does every kids show today seem aimed at the ADD set. Constant songs and jumping around and bright colors and busy sets and GC. It’s vomit inducing.

A Thought From Tony (’s “Kiljoy”)


What are you talking about? The toaster is like the communist revolutionary of the kitchen appliances. The stove and the fridge are the monarchy, the blender, coffee maker, can opener, crock pot, and mixer are the citizenry, as the toaster is, but the toaster can’t wait for the citizenry to throw off the shackles of oppression that the fridge and stove have them in. The can opener is sympathetic to his views, while the coffee maker and blender are firmly loyalists.

I don’t know WTF the crock pot is thinking, but I imagine it wonders why it’s imprisioned in the cabinet while the other appliances roam free. I think the crock pot is a miscreant.


(This was far too funny not to put here.)

Open Letter to Spelling/Grammar Nazis


Dear Spelling Nazi’s and Grammar Nazis,

Every last one of you is obnoxious. I know the only reason you point out mistakes is because pointing them out makes you feel better about your own sad lives. To point out something which you equate with stupidity or laziness makes you feel all the more intelligent and diligent. Every time you correct the spelling of “beleive”, “restarant” or “durring” it just strikes me as petty. Clearly if you can provide the correct spelling, you knew the word I was trying to spell. Obviously I effectively communicated my thoughts to you in spite of my poor spelling. I apologize I do not share your neuroses about correct spelling, but I consider this a community of my friends and I feel perfectly comfortable misspelling words around you in this place, just as I would feel using colloquialisms, slang, jargon or truncated words in person with you. I realize it would only take me an extra 30 seconds to use the free spell checker, but really, I feel that my words are clear enough, even if the post is a bit rough around the edges, so to speak.

Grammar Nazis are far less common, but I’ve seen a few people demand a “whom”, facetiously point out “nice run-on sentence” and on a rare occasion mention that my tenses don’t agree throughout the paragraph.

You’re terrible people and you detract from the pleasure that I derive from this forum.

I wish to thank you all because I got an A on every English paper the semester as well as an A for my entire portfolio of 60 page-long free-writes, 30 analyses of news articles and advertisements and 150 vocabulary words and contextual sentences. I can get a terrible grade on the final and still get an A minus, or if I was really crazy I could stop going to class now and get a B.

Cory Dorrough, 25-year-old College Sophomore

My Plan


To solve the small problem of making money and the large problem of knowing where I’m going to stay from week to week, I came up with a plan. I’m obviously not great with roommates, and whenever I have a roommate I always feel like a guest… a really bad guest. I can’t do well in school if I’m worried that I’m pissing off the person who is kindly extending their hospitality, whether that be Alia’s brothers, Lindsay and Mere, Martina or anyone else who might lend me a couch or guest room for cheap or free.

Warehouse space provided by Austin Tenant Advisors, about the size of a two car garage with a bathroom, sink and long counter for a break room, office space and plenty of shelves for stuff can be had for less than $800 a month, possibly considerably less. With space to keep my stuff and no worry of getting too many things and taking up space, I can make my inventory more profitable and expand it in general. Most importantly, I can also sleep there, eat there and do my homework there. Even if I do not make enough to cover the rent and food from the business, I will make pretty close to that so this stupid idea will not eat into our savings. However, there is an added advantage to having a brick and mortar building tied to your business with your sign over it (other than being able to have a drop-off site.) With all the computer miscellany filling this shop to the ceiling, what you have is a working turnkey business. When it’s time for me to get outta Dodge, I can sell the assets and the lease for an insanely low price that will get an offer in a couple of days. If I really work hard on collecting stuff, even if I can’t sell it, it would be $1500-$3500 and they get the junk, the car, the desk, the filing system, the great phone number and they take over the lease. (This means I can sign a year lease on a place and not have to worry about getting stuck.) I’m debating whether I will let them take over the legal business name and the website. I love, but I don’t doubt I could come up with something clever to call Bellingham computer recycling. Perhaps Bellingham Computer Recycling.


Why do I always have dumb ideas?

So Much for a Fun Final Semester


I thought I was up for a final semester of fun art and PE classes now that my GE is finished, but none of them fit into my schedule with the ammount of units I need. So I have to take crappy classes that are hard, and what’s more, in addition to these units, ad 4.5 more because I can’t sign up for more than 16 units for a couple more weeks when open registration starts.

Worst summer… ever.
9098 LATIN 1 MW 6:00pm -10:00pm MORRIS J 1519 3.0 Add (06/19/2006 – 07/26/2006)
8387 CIS 10 MW 9:00am -12:00pm HARDEN D 2928 4.0 Add MW 12:00pm – 2:00pm 2926 (06/19/2006 – 08/14/2006)
9382 ART 82 TTh 5:30pm – 9:00pm SAPPINGTON J 1261 1.5 Add (06/20/2006 – 08/03/2006)
8392 CIS 58.51B TBA 0.0 Hours HEMENWAY L ONLINE 1.5 Add (07/11/2006 – 08/15/2006)
9101 BOTANY 63 TTh 6:00pm -10:00pm BARNHART S 1840 1.0 Add (05/30/2006 – 06/01/2006)
8394 CIS 73.21 TBA 7.0 Hours GREEN W ONLINE 3.0 Add (06/19/2006 – 08/14/2006)
8992 BMG 61 Sat 8:00am -12:00pm FRITSCHEN J 2711 1.5 Add Sat 1:00pm – 5:00pm (06/17/2006 – 07/01/2006)
Total Units: 15.5

A Real Day of Work


With this computer recycling gig, I haven’t been keeping track of my time I put in, I haven’t been keeping track of expenses and I haven’t been keeping track of how much I’ve grossed. I’ve definately made more money than I’ve spent, by far, but I don’t know what that has made my time worth when you divide hours by net profit.

 Yesterday I made it a point to spend 8 hours in the garage and on the computer, 10-6. I listed a lot of things for sale, answered inquiries, wrote code for Ebay ads, took an informal inventory, packed up some stuff so it was ready to ship and even mailed a LCD screen to New York I also played some games since I recently improved with a boost from a site called Elitist Gaming. (I wonder if St. Albans is named after the same guy as Albany.)

I also wasted a lot of time on the internet and sat on a lawn chair while I was doing a lot of this computing. It wasn’t a hard working day, but it was my first day of full-time work since December. I don’t feel bad that I counted checking Email and talking on message boards as my work day, because there’s an awful lot of people on said message boards who waste a lot of their work days talking to the likes of me, and they make a hell of lot more in a year than I can hope to make before I’m 30.

The income that came in that day was not purely due to work I did that day as some stuff was auctions closing or 3 days old Craigslist ads being answered, but if you add everything up.

+$20 for an air filter
+$15 for a mini fridge
+$72 for a laptop screen
-$4.50 to ship the screen
-$1.00 in gas

Grand total per hour for 5/6/2006: $12.68
This is not what I had hoped running a business would be like.

My biggest problem (other than the laziness) is the lack of warehousing space. If I had the garage to myself without room mates to worry about, I could do more pick-ups, advertize more and hope for more industrial customers with their 17 inch monitors, laser printers and 5 year old computers. A carload of things I can sell for $10-20 a piece is great when the only overhead is my time and gas.

Someday I will do a little math, make a few projections and take a little risk and rent some warehouse space where I can store my stacks and bins of crap and people can also drop stuff off. It will also be nice to wake up in the morning and have a place to be. As long as I’m making my $10-15 for every hour I put in, I’ll be happy.

I’m not doing this to get rich… I just think it’s fun.



We’re learning about the properties of waves in physics and the professor mentioned 1.001 x10^8Hz, and asked if it looked familiar. Well, it’s the frequency of the local adult soft rock station.

KZST=100.1×10^8 Where K=Coefficient of Not Rocking, Zs=Sleep Induction and T=Time spent listening.