I Can Always See It Coming but I Never Duck


Just about every problem I have right now is from ignoring advice or signs. It just felt like following my heart was the right thing to do. I should ignore my heart and just look at reality.

Like I’ve said before, the heart is nothing but muscle and metaphor.

Everyone who ever said following their heart was the only way to go probably managed to succeed at whatever they were trying. It’s easy to give advice when life is going well.

Weird Dream


The dream started out with me going to an event which was called “Wrestlemania VII.” This is odd in and of itself, as Wrestlemania 7 happened like 20 years ago and isn’t something I would be excited about then or now. When I got in there, it was a big fancy theatre and not a stadium and behind all the seats was a walkway area with a couple bars and food places, like a bowling alley. No wrestling went on. As you got to one end of the place, it was no longer inside and had a view of a rocky shore. To the left of this giant place was an entryway which had a second floor railing above it. (That’s enough description.)


I was walking back and forth, looking around and as I came through that entryway, I noticed an old man with his pants above his knees but well below his waist, had hung himself from the railing and was just swinging there dead. The fact that you could see his ass and dick was not the most disturbing part to me, nor was the fact that a man had killed himself in the theatre. No one was paying attention. I was the only one who noticed. I kept staring at the body and I only say one person react by being startled by the body, falling down, throwing up and fainting.

I looked around for someone to tell. There had been big, buff guys with shaved heads keeping the place secure before, but I couldn’t find any of them. I noticed Johanna, whom I knew from high school running a snack bar, so I told her about the dead guy and asked her to call security. She got a guy (who was a stereotypical bouncer guy in a black shirt) and I told him about the body. He looked at it and said “You’re stupid. That’s a mannequin. It’s a decoration for the show.” He then radioed for a guy to cut it down, and some one did. From the 20 foot fall, it was clear that it was a real deal person. The toes began to move exaggeratedly, but that didn’t disturb me because I was sure that was rigor mortis and the fall that had caused this to happen. Everyone deserves good, affordable, accessible home security, click here for more info. Whether you rent or own your home, apartment, condo or commercial space, we’ll help you find the right security products for protection needs.

At this point, everyone was paying attention. I think the dead guy got what he wanted.

Yes or No Questions


Danced in front of your mirror naked? Yes
Told a lie? Yes
Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? Yes
Been arrested? Yes
Made out with someone of the same sex? No
Kissed a picture? Yes
Slept in until 5 PM? Yes
Had sex at work (on the clock)? Yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
Held a snake? Yes
Ran a red light? Yes
Been suspended from school? Yes
Totaled your car in an accident? Yes
Been fired from a job? Yes
Sang karaoke? Yes
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
Kissed in the rain? Yes
Sang in the shower? Yes
Gave your private parts a nickname? No
Ever gone to school/work without underwear? Yes
Sat on a roof top? Yes
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Yes
Broken a bone? No
Shaved your head? Yes
Slept naked? Yes
Blacked out from drinking? Yes
Played a prank on someone? Yes
Had a gym membership? Yes
Felt like killing someone? No
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Yes
Cried over someone you were in love with? Yes
Had sex more than 9 times in one day? No
Had a threesome? No
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? No
Been in a band? Yes
Subscribed to Maxim? Yes
Shot a gun? Yes
Played strip poker? No
Tripped on mushrooms? Yes
Donated Blood? Yes
Video taped yourself having sex? No
Eaten alligator meat? Yes
Eaten cheesecake? Yes
Skinny Dipped? Yes
Still love someone you shouldn’t? Yes
Have a Tattoo? No

ABC’s of Stupid Surveys


A is for age:
B is for beer of choice:
Lagunitas IPA or Russian River Brewing Co’s Damnation.

C is for career right now:
Student and Computer Recycler

D is for your dog’s name?:

E is for essential item you use everyday:
The laptop.

F is for favorite TV show at the moment:
I can’t wait for lost to come back on. I just wish I could hook up my dish and watch some TV.

G is for favorite game:
StarcraftH is for Home town:
I don’t really feel like I have one. I live in Santa Rosa.

I is for instruments you play:
Clarinet and some other stuff

J is for favorite juice:

K is for whose butt you’d like to kick:
George W. Bush

L is for last place you ate:
I’m eatting now. I’m at the office.

M is for marriage:
Yes. Indeed it is. What was the question?

N is for your full name:
Cory Robert Dorrough
O is for overnight hospital stays:
Probably when I was born.

P is for people you were with today:
Martina and Mere, working on a flyer for Moxie.

Q is for quote:
The heart is nothing but muscle and metophor.

R is for Biggest Regret:
Not trying to have more sex with people I thought I couldn’t get with. Wait, no. Not going to school when I was 18 on loans and scholarships and always putting my job before college.

S is for status:
I am alive, broke, depressed and lonely a lot.

T is for time you woke up today:

V is for vegetable you love:

W is for worst habit:
Sitting online wasting time when I should be making money or looking for a job.

X is for x-rays you’ve had:
Just at the dentist, if you also need x-rays for your teeth you can click here for more information.

Y is for yummy food you ate today:
I wish I’d had sushi, but I just had hot pockets. I don’t have a kitchen here, so the are in.

Z is for Zodiac:
S is for silly.

Cheatin’ Songs


There’s this kind of new song by Hinder called Lips of an Angel. It’s a modern-day monster ballad, and with a name like that you just know 14-year-old girls are going to love it. Fine, great… Pretty song… Sweet title. Wonderful. Love it all you want, all ye teeny-boppers.

I just find it funny that it’s on the Myspace profiles and top song lists of all these people listed as “In Relationship” and “I love Jesse” etc.

It’s a song about being in love with your ex. Do people not catch that part?


I guess they never really moved on.

Take That, School!


I’ve just finished all my make up work for the Photoshop class, and all my classes are officially over. I got 90% on the final exam. 

I will post my grades when I get them.

And now to finally enjoy my summer break. Until school starts again on the 21st.

Photoshop Final


In addition to a multiple choice exam, the final project “Bringing it All Together” consisted of making two postcards with some required elements and techniques. One needed an old image that needed restoration and the other needed an image cut away from it’s original background. In addition to the post cards there were short-answer questions relating to the project.

Here are the post cards:

Here are my answers to her questions.

Restoration Postcard

1. Where did you find the image? Do you have copyright permission for using the image?
I started this postcard by asking friends on a forum I frequent for old photographs I might be able to work with. I got dozens to choose from and I chose a very striking one of a boy on his bike looking at a blown oil well near Bakersfield off in the distance. It made me think of my friends who run Community Bikes, so my first card was completely finished… in my head. Brain-to-canvas is almost always the hard part. I was told I could use the image for my project and I promised I would send the owner of the photo a restored copy.

What steps did you do to restore the image? List them.
I started by adjusting the levels to restore the faded photo to a higher contrast state. After that, I removed a few scratches and cleaned up some flecks of something that had caused the pigments to fade and/or run with the spot healer. Filled in some missing areas of non-photo that were left in after I cropped the image.

I gave the photo a new matte by increasing the canvas size and painting a gradient on the background layer with a light and dark color sucked up from the photo. To “age” that layer, I filtered in noise and then blurred it to make it less speckly.

I added some text in two fonts meant to look like a worn typewriters on white rectangles which I dropped shadows from to give them depth. I thought they didn’t look paper-like enough for the effect I was going for so I erased some edges to make them look torn. They still didn’t look papery enough so I hand painted some lighter pixels to give them a more realistic ripping effect along their rough edges.

After positioning the paper elements where I wanted them, the large one covered up too much of the oil spray. To try to improve it, I made it a little less opaque. That didn’t do quite enough so I also blended that piece of paper with the overlay mode which made the paper look more distressed and in the theme of the image while also making it look less stark and disruptive in that corner.

4. Where did you use the following in the postcard? 1.Text 2. A Gradient. 3. What painting tools did you use? 4. Opacity changes? Blending modes?
1. There is text on the floating paper elements.
2. The gradient is in the photo’s matte.
3. I painted in the ripping effect on the edge of the paper elements.
4. The largest piece of paper is 80% opaque and blended in overlay mode.

5. What problems did you have with the restoration? Creating the postcard?
Very rarely do I create art where I am more impressed with the finished product than the thing I saw when I imagined it. This piece impressed me. Yay for Photoshop! (I think I might torture myself by adding Photoshop 2 to my already 15.5 unit fall semester because I had that much fun.) See more on www.cutterweldermaestro.com

6. What did the image look like that you removed this object from?
It is a picture of an employee of a store I do web design for. She was modeling clothes that the store sells and standing in front of the art gallery wall, which consisted of chalk and colored pencil drawings and paintings by local tattoo artists. There was a lot of tiny fields of different colors that went right up to her hair, hands, face and skirt.

7. What tools did you use to remove this object from the background?
Instead of selecting the girl and copying the pixels, I selected things outside of her and cut them out. The magic wand helped me eliminate a big chunk of the floor and wall with the Cut command. The eraser got rid of a lot of it too, combined with the polygon lasso and the freehand lasso.

8. What steps did you take to create the postcard?
The picture I started with was Katie (an employee of Moxie), posing in clothing from the store in front of the art wall. Getting rid of those colorful drawings and paintings was a royal pain. With the white of the wall and gray of the floor, I was able to effectively use the magic want to select some of what I wanted to cut. After that, I painstakingly made polygon and even freehand selections and cut away the rest of the background. I cloned out a couple tags on the clothes, increased the saturation of the reds and yellows and sharpened her with the unsharp mask.

Next I decided that the background would be a picture I took for the MoxieStore.com website. It’s a wide picture of the store’s wares with a mirror in the foreground reflecting a rack of dresses. In that image I desaturated everything except the reflection so it was mostly black and white with a small circle of color. I used the image as-is. Once it was on the card, I found it to be too busy to be a good background, so I faded it by dropping it’s opacity on top of a white layer under it. To help highlight Katie, I made a gray and white gradient to make the background lighter where she is standing, but dark everywhere else. I made the mirror reflection 100% opaque to highlight it. To take the focus off the background and pop out the foreground features, I filtered in a motion blur. I added text and beveled the edges of the word “Moxie” with the layer style menu, making sure the lighting agreed with the other lighting-affected components. I added a squiggle with red paint under the words Santa Rosa, CA, embossed it in layer styles and blended it with the overlay mode which made it shiny, three-dimensional and translucent. I also added an outer glow layer style to give it a pink halo.

9. Where did you get the rest of the images for the postcard, besides the cut out image?
The background was a photo I took of the store with a mirror in the foreground framing a rack of dresses off to my side.

10. What tools did you use to create this postcard?
Magic wand, polygon lasso, freehand lasso, eraser, text, paintbrush, crop, transform, paint bucket, gradient fill, layer styles, blending modes.

11. Where is your gradient? Your text? What paint tools did you use? Did you use a blending mode change or opacity change?
The gradient is detectable under the background image starting with white at the left quickly moving to darker gray for most of the rest of the card.

The text is all pretty obvious. There is a giant M blended into the background in the same font as the logo.

The only paintbrushing I used were for repairing the blue soles of Katie’s shoes and making that decorative squiggle behind “Santa Rosa, CA”.

The background image and the gradient behind it are both less than 100% opaque and so is the giant M. The blending modes I used were multiply on the giant M and overlay on the squiggle.

12. What problems did you have?
Two problems. First came artist’s block and second came obession. I stayed up all night and well into the next day working on these because I didn’t want to stop creating. 


Finished Another Class


The Totals for the Summer:
A in Digital Photography
B in Botany

I tentatively calculated what my grade should be and it looks like a B for this Web Design class. I even finished the last assignment 3 days early. I’m glad it’s over and it will be the last class I ever try to take without buying the book.


In Response To “So, Are You Still In School?”


I am still in school, yes. I’ll have an AS in Computer Science at the end of the Fall semester and then start applying for schools while I work on the last of my lower division classes in the Spring. “But doesn’t he look a little old to be a college Sophomore?” you ask. Well, yes. Yes I am. One of the reasons I started this business behind ‘my love of computers’ and ‘wanting to help society in a way I never could as a video store clerk or a retail manager’ is so I could set my own hours at work and go to class, study like crazy and do my homework as much as I needed without having to put work, rent, bills and food first. I should’ve had a BS 3 years ago and been well into my post-grad work at this point in my life, and it’s all because I didn’t have my priorities straight when I was 18. Everyone knows it’s “Knowledge before food.” That’s why they call them ‘Starving College Students.’

Buying Knowledge


Here’s my schedule:
Latin 1 is insane
P.E. 31 is Body Conditioning
Wine 70 is Wine Component Tasting
CIS 75 is Flash Animation
Art 5 is 3D design and Sculpture.
CIS 10 is Programming in C++

From Procrastination to Finishing Early.


I got way behind on my web design class homework. Normally it would be because I’m busy with more important things like drinking, sleeping, flirting or sitting on the toilet writing blog entries. I swear, this time it wasn’t. I didn’t buy the $50 book or the $30 CD Rom of lecture notes that the teacher wrote and published herself. I had to teach myself CSS by going online and researching and then tinkering, reverse-engineering, crying, swearing, praying to my atheist gods and pulling out my hair for hours. The deadline for late work is a week, and I narrowly made that for lessons 3&4, but while I was working on the big assignment for those lessons, I missed the deadline for assignment 5. I did that just this morning too. While I was in my coffee-fueled groove, I went on to assignment 6, due on the 10th. I was happy to see assignment 6, because it’s just simple form-making. I’ve been making web forms for almost 10 years.

Now I have until the 15th to figure out what SSI commands are, and how to use them. I’ve never even heard of them.


Sharks in a Parking Lot


I don’t know what to say about this. I can’t imagine how it got there. I can’t imagine why. I was walking in the Albertson’s parking lot at night. There was a dead shark.

Super Cool(ed)


I went to the freezer where I’d left a case of bottled water. After being in there for several hours, they were still liquid, so I grabbed one looking forward to an icy, refreshing drink.

I’ve seen a few times where the bottle was completely liquid then, because it was at or below freezing temperature, it solidified into ice when it was squeezed or opened or shaken. I’m not sure how it works exactly, but I think it’s the same idea as when your hot water doesn’t bubble when it reaches boiling temperature in the microwave, and then explodes hot water all over you when you move the container.

I opened the container, took a greedy gulp and got a nice cool refreshing drink of water. Right then when the water in my mouth turned into a thick slush as I was swallowing and I starting choking and coughing.

Science is cool, even when it tries to kill you.

Making Girls Cry


I was at the asian buffet place with Adrienne yesterday, enjoying medicre sushi and sugary meats when I made an attempt to be funny. I held up one of my baby octopusses and said “look at the baby inside the BabyTrend Expedition-Jogger stroller.” She ignored me for a moment and then looked at what I had in my chop sticks and saw the tentacles. She gasped, shreiked and then buried her face in her hands. For about a minute she cried (though laughing at the same time.) When she was okay again, she was annoyed with me and acted as such.

I want to give Adrienne 4 hugs.



I don’t wanna go and party.
I don’t wanna shoot the pier.
I don’t wanna take the doggie out for a walk.
I don’t wanna look at naked chicks and drink beer.
I don’t wanna do a bong load and go and wrench on the car.
I don’t wanna go and hose the dogshit down.
Cause i ain’t even gonna get out of bed.
Keep on skankin’ ronnie skank the night away,
But the time has come for us all to pay.
I don’t wanna watch no porno.
I don’t wanna play guitar.
I don’t wanna spank the monkey.
I don’t wanna go down to the corner bar.
Ain’t even got to listen to all the stupid shit you got to say.
I don’t wanna do a god damn thing.
I ain’t gonna make my bed today.
I don’t wanna eat burritos or read about O.J.
Ain’t gonna get a head rush cause i ain’t gettin out of bed today.
*This Sublime song is brought to you by the fact that I don’t have anything in my house to eat except two Costco-sized bags of frozen burritos.