A Big Cup of Coffee


I’m at a place in El Cerrito called Central Perk. It’s on Central Ave. so that’s where part of the name comes from. On the awning, they say “A place for ‘Friends’ to meet” in the same font as the show’s logo. I wonder how much that will cost them when NBC finds out.

This is a pretty cool place. It’s part cafe and part collectibles shop. Lots of vintage lunch boxes, cereal toys and figurines. They even have TWO giant Sully statues that Toys R Us raffeled off when Monsters Inc. came out.

I ordered a large house blend with room for cream expecting a 20 ouncer or something. He asked “for here?” and I said “sure.”

He pours my coffee into a giant green mug which can only be described as a cereal bowl with a handle. It’s got to be 32 ounces.

I shouldn’t stray too far from a bathroom today.

Hot Hot Hot


I had some 100 proof cinnamon liqueur and thought it would be fun to light it on fire.

It was.

Free Brake Check


Check your brakes by crashing through a wall?

I took this somewhere around North Oakland or El Cerrito. I can’t tell if this is a joke or some inadvertent humor.

The Best Story Ever


I would just keep buying this guys beers to hear him tell it over and over again.


He was crossing the street in an electric wheelchair and the light turned green when he was right in front of a semi. The truck starts going and it spins his wheel chair so the handles get stuck in the grill.

He ends up going 50 on a freeway when some cops pull over the truck.

Everyone’s okay, and I can’t wait for Johnny Knoxville to try this one.

I Should Fly to Vegas


My car got broken into in Berkeley near the Andronico’s off University.
They took my spare laptop, a camera, a lighter adapter for the laptop, a razor and some deodorant. The last two things make me think the theif is homeless. All the stuff was hidden under duffel bags in the back behind tinted glass, so I don’t know why my car was targeted.
The police report didn’t make me feel much better because it didn’t do much more than raise Berkeley’s crime stats, but the officer was nice and if they do end up raiding some fencing operation in the next few hours before my stuff is gone, maybe they’ll have my stuff.

I’m less bummed out about the stuff being stolen than my window, but my friend made me smile with her choice of cardboard to fix it.

It’s good to smile.