Communications Breakdown


On the phone I have a problem with people not understanding me, especially when they are not from where I am from. It’s hard to know how thick your own accent is and how far from “neutral” you are. You just take for granted that the people around you understand you, you understand them and can’t understand why you can make out an Indian, Texan, Canadian or Australian accent while it seems that no matter how much you enunciate, they still can’t understand you when you try to spell your name.

To remedy this, I make it a point to spell things with the Nato phonetic alphabet to make things easier. At least it should be easier. About 50 percent of the time when I say “First name is Cory, that’s Charlie, Oscar, Romeo, Yankee. Last name is Dorrough, that’s Delta, Oscar, Romeo, Romeo, Oscar, Uniform, Golf, Hotel.” They don’t know what the hell kind of language I’m speaking and I have to start over.

What gives? Isn’t it pretty universal (at least in English) to use words to clarify letters? Whether it be with an international code or just “C as in Cat, O as in Olive, R as in Richard, Y as is Why the hell hasn’t television done away with accents after all these years?”

Happy Independance Day


Let’s all celebrate the founding of our nation by getting our hands on illegal fireworks and blowing up a small part of it!
I had a waffle cone with cookie dough ice cream thinking that going into town was a good way to escape idiot neighbors with explosives. The treat was nice, but people were launching bottle rockets and roman candles right on the main street.

The enforcement of the fireworks laws here are a joke. The evil part of me hopes someone’s house burns down so we can get us a new ballot measure. The libertarian part of me just wants the current laws to be enforced because the last thing we need is another law. (Least of all another law that will be ignored by the cops here.)