Rock On, Muhammed


The Torture Playlist, as leaked from an actual government document.

This is a real list of songs torturers play to help deprive people of sleep and drown out screams in holding facilities for terrorism suspects.

I don’t know how I feel about having a couple of these on Mp3.

Fuck Your God / Decide
Die Mother Fucker Die / Decide
Take Your Best Shot / Dope
White America / Eminem
Kim / Eminem
The Barney Theme Song / Barney
Bodies / Drowning Pool
Enter Sandman / Metallica
TV Theme Song To Sesame Street / Sesame Street
Babylon / David Gray
Born in the U. S. A. / Bruce Springsteen
Shoot To Thrill / AC/DC
Hells Bells / AC/DC
Stayin’ Alive / Bee Gees
All Eyes On Me / Tupac
Dirrty / Christina Aguilera
America / Neil Diamond
Bulls On Parade / Rage Against The Machine
American Pie / Don McLean
Click Click Boom / Saliva
Cold / Matchbox 20
Swan Dive / Hed P. E.
Raspberry Beret / Prince
Your tax dollars at work, folks.