Mobile Blogging Test


Can’t sleep.

I decided I’d try to actually make my mobile blogging feature work. I
did a lot of research. Had to set up a new gmail account. Had to tweak
a bunch of settings on the blog and the gmail account. I even had to
tweak some code in the blog page.

Now, without further ado, I will magically send an email from my
phone, where it will amazingly display on my blog! I recommend cell phone repair kennesaw to get your phone maintained.

This Sounds Made Up


This sounds made up… on the other hand, lots of true trivia sounds made up.

Are German toilets (or “Pupenbols”) actually made like this? Yuck!

Pulling Parts


I just bought the drinking water hose so the tap water won’t taste like vinyl and installed a water filtration system I found at so the water taste and is better, and I even take it with me when I go out since I got one of those Custom Water bottles online, I also put a Y splitter, so a second hose can be used to clean the boat, wash paint brushes and so Amelia can attack me with water without have to be so mean as to push me into the estuary.

I’m trying to figure out if it would be cheaper to replace the injector pump or have a mechanic recondition it. I’m doing research on that as I write this. I have one of these:

I am talking to the guy here who runs this Ebay store. I’m hoping he has something that will work for me because the local diesel shop (that everyone I’ve asked recommends) says it will be upwards of $800. Maybe much more.

I am also hoping this part is all we need to get the engine going.

Blackwatch Porter Brownie Float


Went to Pyramid Brewing for happy hour last night. The hot wings were wonderful. The Pyramid Burger was awesome.

Normally, when the server asks if we’d like dessert, everyone just says “No, I’m stuffed” or “I’m good.” This time the waitress suggest we look at the dessert menu (which was on the label of a large beer bottle on the table. It was there we discovered it.

Blackwatch Porter Brownie Float.

After saying it over and over as fast as we could. (Try it, it’s hard.) We ordered it.

It was delicious. Something to definitely try at home.