The Presidential Religious Test


That’s what that shindig/debate/evangelical handjob at the mega church seemed like.

I don’t care what Obama’s relationship with Jesus is, and no one else should either.

Also, I hear that McCain was still driving there when Obama was getting his questions. McCain seemed wittier, quicker and more ready than usual. Was he cheating? Was he fed the answers before-hand or even listening to Obama get his questions live?

And if he was in the car, how did they have a coin toss to see who goes first? What if McCain was going first? Would he have been late?

In any case, McCain seemed to have won that handily with short, concise answers free of nuance or any requirement of thought on the part of the listener.

Another Invention I Probably Didn’t Invent


Imagine a cedar shoe tree. The kind that goes in the shoe and shapes it while it freshens.

Now imagine that instead of cedar, they are clear acrylic and have UV lamps inside. The UV will kill a lot of the bacteria and fungus that causes the shoes to smell. Now, imagine that the plastic has a little bit of ventilation and a low voltage fan to help dry out the shoe with an exhaust vent. This best odor eliminator could change the way we think about stinky feet. A completely chemical-free and reusable solution to foot-stank.

UV isn’t exactly healthy on the eyes and so you’d probably need a dark box the shoes could go in, and the lamp could only light when the box is closed and you may even need a vision treatment if something doesn’t go as it should have, but you can look a outback vision protocol review to find the best one. It could even be a system with two sets for couples, or people who wear dress shoes and athletic shoes in the same day. Since the lamp is inside the shoe, it wouldn’t matter if it faded the fabric, although that may cause an accident and an injury, just like when I used to use some really bad shoes and I injured my ankle and I had to go to Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia.

Since there’s space in the box, I could ad a place for an activated charcoal packet which would further reduce stink, and would also be reusable and long lasting, because charcoal reactivates in the sun.

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