Harrison Bergeron Movie



It’s 2081 and everyone is finally equal.

I like less-than-subtle social commentary as much as the next guy, and Vonnegut was the king of it, but I can’t imagine this movie being very good.

I’ll see it anyway. I guess.

In a World…


I was thinking about all the many distopian future stories and the vast majority of stories about a dystopian future basically assume the liberal agenda wins and life becomes ridiculous.

One might accuse the current administration of using ideas right out of the 1984 playbook from their domestic spying to their use of misleading verbiage. I like how a republican official referred to their headquarters in Denver as “The Ministry of Truth”, no one mentioned that little slip. If I was putting out the news, you can bet I wouldn’t missed skewering that idiocy.

On the theme of political correctness, equality and fairness, you have Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron and Incompetence, a story in a future where you’re not allowed to discriminate against anyone, so you must hire underqualified people. Liberality for All is a recent comic book series that specifically attacks a world after president Hillary Clinton. Apparently Hillary bans “hate speech” in this book. Who knows, maybe she still can in 2016.

Ayn Rand practically invented the hypothetical future where environmentalists/populists/welfare state take over the world and no one is allowed to take care of their own property, but there’s a few others like that, where the goal is to feed the poor, crush innovation and discourage the intelligent and ambitious.

There’s also the theme of a “nanny state” run amok. Clockwork Orange, Demolition Man and even Wall-E come fall in this theme. I sure loved Wall-E.

Then we have stories where the mantra “we have the right to screw and do drugs” turns into “Everyone must screw and do drugs.” Logan’s Run and Brave New World are two glaring examples of that.

There are a lot of stories of a future where religion is banned, or science is the new religion. THX-1138 is a good example, and then there’s that South Park Episode. Even the game Warhammer 40,000 has a backstory like that.

What the heck is up with all these science fiction writers being so anti-liberal?

The only “Republican World” dystopian sci-fi I can think of is “The Watchmen” set in an alternate mid-80’s universe where Nixon is in his 5th term, and Fahrenheit 451 where censorship is taken to an extreme.

Why is being liberal so damn scary?

What Bothers You About Movies and TV?


This topic has come up for me a couple times recently, so I thought I’d ask here. What bothers you when you see it done in a movie or on TV because it’s so wrong, impossible or different from how things work in real life?

There are the standard ones, like “Outrunning a fireball” or “Ships wooshing about in space, then they blow something up with a big boom” that I hear all the time. I’ve noticed that every time someone brings home groceries, they HAVE to have a loaf of french bread sticking out of a bag, no matter who they are, where they’re from or how much money they make.

Something that bugs me to no end is when I see a show or movie that takes place in San Francisco and they feel the need to put the main characters on a cable car. No one from San Francisco uses the cable cars. There is a 45 minute line of tourists waiting to get on the cable cars. You can’t just hop on and go somewhere like a bus; however, you can try this out, which is getting one of the intelligent cars that are so on trend now a days. They don’t go very far, very fast or to many places. While they are technically SF MUNI vehicles, they’re not useful for commuting, visiting friends or getting around town to investigate crime and there are better ways to get from A to B in San Francisco. It would be like someone from Seattle commuting to work on a Duck.

So, after cutting the blue wire, tell me what bugs you.

Appologizing for Comercials?


I listen to a progressive left-coast wingnut station, and there have been a few Yes on Prop 8 ads and other ads that most of the listeners would probably not support. At least twice an hour there is a 15 second spot of the station manager mentioning these ads (not specifically, just refering to them as “not very progressive”) then invites you to the website to see why.

You go to the site and learn that, apparently, they have to sell ads at a cut rate to any political campaign, no matter who it is, and that’s why the offending ads are there. They add that “Hopefully this will energize all of you that disagree to go out and fight.”

It’s rather clever of them, because not only does it help lessen angry/confused emails but it drives traffic to the site, which probably makes more money than the “air” part of the station. It’s probably less of an appology and more of a way to get web traffic. Way to go, Green 960 AM.