I’ve Become… That Guy.


That guy who complains about how the old facebook used to be perfect and now that they’ve changed it, it’s all terrible and now I should boycott them and write my senator and sign a petition and cry myself to sleep.

They made the site less functional, and it doesn’t look any better. I’m talking about the news feed specifically. On the facebook landing page, there was a news feed. If someone changed their profile pictur e, uploaded new photos or changed their status, you can bet you wouldn’t be out of the loop. What was really nice was that you could limit not only what kind of data ended up there, for instance, you love status updates, but don’t care about profile updates, you could set the feed to give you more of one thing and less or none of another thing. You could do this for people too.  You could set it to give you every update about your girlfriend or coworkers, but limit or completely block that person who drinks a few too many every night, or updates their status way too much. They’re your friend, but you just need to have them in small, infrequent doses.  The news feed was pretty damn good.

Now, these filter controls are gone. Every bit of news from every person is weighted exactly the same. Your family and real life friends are given the same priority on your home page as people you kind of know from work or an online forum or high school. My news feed is no longer populated by the people I like the most, but by the people who post the most.

What’s worse, is all the new news bits that weren’t there before. Now when someone does a quiz or joins a game, I have to hear about it. I don’t give a shit which Powerpuff Girl you are, and I certainly don’t care which one I am. (I already know I’m Bubbles. I don’t need vindication.) It would sure be nice if I could move the content slider downward on the quiz category. No luck. Maybe I could turn down the content slider on people who crap up my page with quizzes? Again, no luck.

What’s also annoying is all those groups I’ve joined and all those comedians, politicians, cartoons and bacon that I became a “fan” of are now talking to me on my news feed.

As addicted as I once was to Facebook, eagerly checking the site every day, several times a day, I’m a little sad to say that I almost never check it anymore. :(

I wonder what the next big thing will be.

Sound Effects on Fox’s Bones


Now matter how low the volume is, even if I turn down the volume on my TV to the point where I can’t understand the voices, I absolutely hate the sound effects on Bones.

I love crime procedurals as much as the next guy, but Bones pisses me off.

On Star Trek, for instance, when a computer did something, they made “computer is thinking noises” followed by “hey, some results” noises. Real single board computer don’t do that. They weren’t necessary, but it just felt right. I’m sure the doors didn’t need to “whoosh”, but when there’s an action on the screen, it just doesn’t feel right to not have a noise. I get that. The sound guy’s job is important and often unsung, and much like a toupee or a diaper, you only notice them when something’s wrong.

Bones crosses the ****ing line.

Whenever a computer “does something” on the show, even if it’s in the background, the sound is always high, loud and piercing. Even if I have the volume really low, I can tell that Bones is on from across the house and it makes me grind my teeth it’s so aggravating and uncomfortable. Every computer, every time. I don’t get the need for it, and I can’t be the only person having this problem. Why is it like that?

I Think She Might Be A Vegan


I’m a big fan of the signage artist at the Lafayette, CA Trader Joe’s. This sign was so sick and funny, I almost barfed.