Father Capretta by Day; Big Mama Capretta By Night

THERE is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in Roman Catholic circles in the US over the recent revelation that a Catholic priest, Father Anthony (aka Vincent Capretta), is a drag queen who performs as Big Mama Capretta.

Not only that, the gay priest, from Columbus, Ohio, has a single that is currently No 25 on Billboard’s Club Play dance chart called “Big Mama’s House.”

He’s a big guy, so you’d think it would be his panties in a bunch, but instead it is Catholic Online that is quick to point out he’s a different kind of Catholic and not a real Catholic.

To set the record straight, Capretta is actually listed as rector of the Community of Charity, an Independent Old Catholic Church that describes itself as all-inclusive. That definition includes ’sexual orientation’ in this group. He is not a part of the Roman Catholic Church and his church is not in communion with the See of Rome.

The Dragfather[Hold on. I just strained my eyes from rolling them too hard. Ow. Alright, I’m good.]

Oh yeah? Well, I’ll See your Rome and raise you a catchy dance tune from a guy who is living life on his terms.

[Aw crap, now I’m rolling my eyes at my own dumb pun. I’m going to get a repetative stress injury here. “See your Rome and raise you…” *groan*]

I like how they don’t attack him directly which might come off as uncouth, so they take the opportunity to bash a religion slightly different than theirs.

You go, Father Anthony. Shake that Original Sin.

If you’re curious, the single is on Youtube. I have to warn you, you’ll never get those two minutes back, so you might as well get up dance your ass off when you listen.


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