How many times have you been frustrated by the ambiguity of such terms as “this weekend” and “next Friday? Maybe it’s even gotten you into some hot water.

When you say next weekend, and today is Tuesday August 4th, do you mean the 8th or the 15th? When I hear it, which do I interpret. We already have a term for the weekend coming up, called “this weekend” so logically “next weekend” would be after “this weekend.” But this weekend is the next weekend that we will come to.

Oy, so much confusion… until NOW!

From now on, “this weekend” is coming up, or happening now. If you mean the weekend after this weekend, you can say “oxt weekend.” If today is Sunday the 9th, that’s this weekend, Saturday the 15th is oxt weekend and Saturday the 22nd is the weekend after oxt. If it’s Friday now, oxt Friday is in a week and this Friday is today. If it’s Christmas Eve, 2009, the Christmas after oxt will be December 25th, 2011.

This guy is a genius. My new hero. Sure the site is clearly tongue-in-cheek humor, but it’s just such a perfect solution to a very real problem.

I say we run with it.

If you convince everyone you know how wonderful the concept of “oxt” can be, this could be in the common lexicon by oxt winter.


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