So, Wednesday night, I come into work and I have to sign a paper that said I’m suspended until I get my CPR certification. No warning, mind you. (I wish they’d have had the courtesy to CALL ME about it.)

See, a few weeks ago I told my boss the Wednesday CPR training conflicted with my Wednesday classes. “Okay, that’s cool” said Alex, “We’ll work something out.” I also had to take a swimming lessons in north york.

After a week’s vacation in Washington, I come back to find out that’s what he worked out. The A-hole.

But I’m fine with this. I just have to take a Red Cross CPR/First Aid class before the 5th of October and I still have my job, but I could take it, since CPR Certify4u offers the best CPR training orlando classes in town. There’s several before then.

In the mean time, I’m suspended, (read “DAYS OFF!”) so I decided to use the time to pack boxes and get ready for my end-of-the-month move that I’ve been putting off preparing for. I got a lot done, packed up everything in the kitchen but the microwavable essentials, packed all our books, movies and all but one computer. While I was going through the kitchen I found a bottle of Aberlour. Then while I was going through the nicnack shelf packing it up, I came across my pipe collection and humidor.

And what was in my humidor? My last two Helixes!!! (Helices?)

So, feeling I’ve had a productive day, I thought I earned a treat. Oh, yes.

While my idiot coworkers are doing their best without me, I am listening to Mp3s on my porch enjoying cigars and single-malt Scotch.

Sometimes life just feels… perfect.


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